Slaughterhouse-Five, Twenty Boy Summer removed from Republic High School library, curriculum

slaughterhouse five
twenty boy summer

July 2011:

When a Republic resident challenged the availability of the books Slaughterhouse-Five and Twenty Boy Summer in the Republic High School library, as well as their inclusion in the curriculum, the school board formed a committee to develop address the challenge and to evaluate books for the schools. The committe decided to remove both books from the library and from the curriculum.  Scroggins' complaint was that the books teach "false conceptions of American history and government or that teach principles contrary to Biblical morality and truth." In responding to the challenge, the school board claims to have avoided assessing moral issues but, according to CBS News, noted that Twenty Boy Summer "sensationalized sexual promiscuity and included questionable language, drunkenness, lying to parents and a lack of remorse." Slaughterhouse-Five was removed due to its language and to a belief that it was "too mature" for high school students.

In response, the Vonnegut Library offered free copies of the book to the 150 students affected by the ban.

The school later returned Slaughterhouse-Five to the library, but with the requirement that students bring their parents with them to the library to check the book out.

Twenty Boy Summer remains banned at Republic High School.

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